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Do yourself the favor of reading these tips! You never know when garage door problems emerge

Observe caution while closing the door

Make sure that you see the door closing when you push the wall button or the remote. Don’t let any member of the family or even pets stand in front of the closing door. A closing door can lead to serious injury or even death if someone is in the way.

Installing a new garage door opener

Installing a door opener is easier than the garage door itself. However, we highly recommend that our experts install it for you. Improper installation of this device can cause damage to the door and to the door opener as well and may void its warranty.

The importance of safety cables

Safety cables are like door cables, only that they are just light in weight. Its purpose is to hold up the springs in case they happen to snap accidentally and prevent it from falling down on the windshields of your car and causing damage.

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