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Common Garage Door Myths

Common Garage Door Myths
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Myths have been around for years. While most of them are about scary creatures, deep, dark forests, and fairies, there are also those that haunt the simplest objects in the house, such as garage doors. Funny it may sound, but knowing these myths allows you to make informed decisions when getting your doors repaired or maintained.

Here are four garage door myths you should be aware of:

Myth 1: They are all the same

Common Garage Door MythsJust like other products in the market, garage doors are made using different materials. So forget buying replacement parts without checking the door first. You will only end up with the wrong ones, ruining your budget in return.

Myth 2: They don't require maintenance

This is often considered as the most dangerous myth of all. Remember, you use your garage doors almost all the time, so expect the usual wear and tear. Not getting them maintained will lead to damaged doors - or injured family members.

Myth 3: They are usually noisy

Just because your current door is noisy doesn't mean all others are. There are models that use a different mechanism and are designed to work without noise.

Myth 4: They all need the same services

As a follow-up to number 1, they are not created equal, so they require different services too. The materials, parts, and mechanisms used differ greatly, so make sure that the services you get are right for your garage doors. More importantly, get them serviced by our professionals as they have the skills and knowledge about the job.

If you believe in these myths, your garage door will not last long as you expect it to be. Rather than focusing on what's not true, be wise in your decisions, especially when it comes to garage door repairs and maintenance.

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